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Minutes of the US ATLAS Data Management meeting, Feb. 16, 2010
  • Previous meetings and background : IntegrationProgram
  • Coordinates: Tuesdays, Noon Central
    • (605) 715-4900, Access code: 735188; Dial *6 to mute/un-mute.


  • Meeting attendees: Armen, John, Shawn, Bob, Saul, Pedro, Charles, Michael, Wensheng, Patrick
  • Apologies: Wei
  • Guests:

Topics for this week

  • SCRATCHDISK filled up at BNL - Armen
    • DQ2 uses SCRATCHDISK as buffer for when transferring files to Tier 2's.
    • Armen checked - very few user files, mostly old files (which should have been cleaned up after 30 days), and temporary files.
    • Central deletion needs to clean up - started by Stephane already today, after prompting by Armen? Armen will follow up.
    • Armen also found a lot of dark data.
    • Charles - will add new options in ccc.py to specify date (older than) and spacetoken name.
  • GROUPDISK filled up at BNL - Armen
    • From Armen - we had more than 8TB available space in GROUPDISK yesterday, until it was an attempt to stage 14TB dataset from BNL-OSG2_DATATAPE to BNL-OSG2_PERF-MUON!
    • From Kaushik - see http://panda.cern.ch:25980/server/pandamon/query?mode=ddm_req&req_id=4234&action=Info, approved by domizia.orestano @ cern.ch
    • From Kaushik - new policy requested by Stephane, that cloud (i.e. KD) no longer needs to approve such large requests?
    • Kaushik - DaTRI? should have checked. Will follow up.
  • MCDISK space Usage - Armen
    • Follow up from last week
      • Add more space to MCDISK. Done.
      • Breakdown of data on MCDISK by project name. Next week - Armen will make table.
      • Check if ESD's generated in the US are being kept on tape - Kaushik.
      • Can we reduce space usage at MWT2? After that NET2? WT2? AGLT2? SWT2?
  • PRODDISK cleaning and consistency - Charles
    • Is new version verified? Yes and Yes. 1.15 should be used by everyone.
  • Hot issues
    • From last week - LOCALGROUPDISK
      • Who should be allowed - next week?
      • Wensheng - 3.5 TB used on LOCALGROUPDISK at BNL, out of which 2.1 TB are actually official production files. Metadata says custodial (random check of one dataset)! Check all dataset locations.
        • 77 datasets: 1 MC, 76 data*. MC dataset has replica in FZK. Other 76 data* datasets are on BNL DATATAPE.
        • Archive bit is custodial for all datasets. Wensheng will follow up.
  • AOB
    • Armen - emails were sent to users last week about USERDISK cleanup. Actual deletion will start next week.

-- KaushikDe - 16 Feb 2010

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