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Minutes of the US ATLAS Data Management meeting, Apr 7, 2009
  • Previous meetings and background : IntegrationProgram
  • Coordinates: Tuesdays, Noon Central
    • (309) 946-5300, Access code: 735188; Dial *6 to mute/un-mute.


  • Meeting attendees: Shawn, Patrick, Saul, John, Charles, Armen, Rob, Wensheng, Bob, Michael, Pedro
  • Apologies: Wei, Pedro (first half)
  • Guests: None

Topics for this week

  • Reprocessing status - Kaushik
    • We had daily meetings past 5 days (except weekend)
    • Armen created special web page with important links http://www-hep.uta.edu/~vartap/monitoring/monitoring_links.htm
    • 55k jobs in 4.5 days (30k success, 25k failures)
    • Many service interruptions (LFC twice, Panda server twice, BNL queues...)
      • Michael - BNL queue problem fixed, GRAM space filled up, will implement more aggressive cleaning in future
      • Will revisit GRAM issue for all sites during facilities meeting
    • Job definition slow the first ~36 hours
    • HPSS throughput 10-15k files daily? (Need ATLAS accessible monitoring)
      • Michael - web page with HPSS snapshots will be available soon
      • Not enough requests, not all tape cartridges being used, increase nprestage to 4000
  • BNL staging/dcache - Pedro/Michael
    • Data carousel (using priority) coming soon
    • Checking a possible corruption problem
  • Tier 2 space cleanup - Bob/Shawn, Patrick
    • AGLT2 - working with Hiro, cleaning up files in wrong partition etc, v12 deleted, have some breathing room
    • AGLT2 - not too many ghosts and orphans, also cleaned up
    • We need to make scripts public, for now Charles' repsository, which will migrate to ATLAS subversion
    • SWT2 - looking at problem files (on LFC but not in DQ2 for example), about 15% files like this, still studying
    • SWT2 - concentrating on MCDISK and DATADISK
  • DQ2 adler32 plugin - Hiro
    • On vacation - pick up next week
  • User space cleanup at BNL - Armen
    • User data cleanup is on hold till space is found to keep some datasets needed by user
  • Local storage at BNL - Armen
    • Studying LOCALGROUPDISK issue
    • Report in future meeting
  • SCRATCHDISK deployment
    • Tied in with GROUPDISK and LOCALGROUPDISK discussions
    • BNL - done, AGLT2 - 9TB, MWT2 - 10 TB, NET2 - 10 TB, all by next week, SLACT2, SWT2 - later
    • New storage estimates from Kaushik needed
    • Pedro - need descriptions from Armen of all space tokens
  • Hot issues
    • Rob - Kaushik needs to act on Eric's ESD request
    • Saul - pilot scratch space filling up, AGLT2 cleans automtically after 5 days, SWT2 after 100 hours, NET2 will implement something similar
  • AOB

-- KaushikDe - 07 Apr 2009

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