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  • Meeting of the sub-committee to address LFC migration in the US cloud.
  • Coordinates:
    • Wednesday, Dec 3, 10am Central/5pm CERN
    • new phone (309) 946-5300, Access code: 735188; Dial *6 to mute/un-mute.
  • Background: SubCommitteeLFC, FileCatalog
  • Attending: Charles, Rob, Marco, Patrick, Kaushik, Hiro
  • Apologies: John

LFC launch schedule

Oct 1  - LFC subcommittee  meeting to discuss launch
            plan (changes needed in all services and tools
            to switch a site) and resolve any voms
            group/role issues, etc
Oct 7 - AGLT2 : main burn in and validation on a single site...
followed by the rest of the sites:
Oct 14  - UC, UTA
Oct 16 - IU, BU
Oct 20 -  BU, SLAC
Oct 21  - OU, BNL
Oct 23 - WISC

LFC daemon stability patch from VDT (Charles)

  • There was a broken library distributed with the VDT package. A 32 bit replacement is available.

BNL (Hiro, Xin)

Hiro suggested to change the directory name to 2009 and use lcg-cp and usatlas4.

  • Decision: continue to usatlas1, develop a plan to migrate usatlas4 owned data to usatlas1. Issue will come back when BNL converts to space tokens.
  • Requires Paul/Wensheng to make a minor change the pilot.
  • BNL LRC is read-only. Ran final synch.
  • Hiro confirms BNL ANALY queues.
  • Kaushik would like one final consistency check between catalogs.

BU (John)

  • Will report during operations/integration meeting.

OU (Horst)

  • Might be experiencing some LFC daemon dropping out (failed last night).
  • What about clean-up?

UTA (Patrick)

LFC daemon has been very stable.
  • Notes that subscriptions have stopped - is there a problem with the SRM (srm-ping failing). Connections to LFC? Did a restart.


  • clean-se.py LFC not yet available. Will need to revisit once LFC is fully migrated at BNL. Bulk-updates.

-- RobertGardner - 02 Dec 2008

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