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A script based on the ATLAS distribution kit to benchmark processors and (local) disk I/O performance for ATLAS jobs. This version focuses on analysis-like jobs.


  • download the atlas-benchmark script from http://kv.roma1.infn.it/KV/atlas-benchmark
  • chmod +x atlas-benchmark
  • edit atlas-benchmark and set:
    • the appropriate action ("test" if you already have the release you want to benchmark installed, or "validate" if you want to install and benchmark it)
    • PACMAN_VER=3.29 in order to use the latest pacman version
    • LOGPATH and PHYSPATH to the location of the existing installation, or leave as they are if you are also installing it
    • KVSUITE=RecoStandAlone to set the reco-only benchmark
  • execute the script ./atlas-benchmark <release-number>
    • for example: ./atlas-benchmark 15.5.0


Once you've done this, you will have the KV tag printed in the output and you will be able to serach the KV benchmark tags with it, from the GKV portal https://kv.roma1.infn.it/KV. You can get the benchmark results and plots directly from there. Just let me know if it's what you need, at least to start with!

ANALY queue

-- RobertGardner - 14 Oct 2009

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