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AdHoc Meeting Minutes 6/28/2013

Attending: Chris, Shuwei, Dave, Wei, Saul, Bob attending

Items to discuss:

  • RAM 3GB guideline
    • This is the guideline established at the last Integration Meeting for any upcoming T2 purchases
  • Configurations: C8000, other
    • No new information forthcoming

Benchmarks received or discussed

  • Doug Benjamin sent SMZW NTuple p1328_p1329. Egamma stream
  • Shuwei sent CPU intensive set.
  • Dave Champion and Chris like using iozone and bonnie++
  • Kit validations in a pacball. (Saul, to be sent)

Bob will try to get info on 10Gb NIC usage at AGLT2 as compared to 1Gb NICs

What are details of controller failure at BNL? Chris will get someone to report on that in two weeks.

Info on AGLT2 consistency checks on storage shelves. Consistency checks are recommended by Dell at 30 day intervals. Many disk problems are not found by Patrol Reads.

What should we now use for minimum scratch space on a WN? ATLAS still recommends 20GB or more per logical core. At AGLT2, pCache shows such space is still needed.

Chris recommends R620 over R420, that has fewer quickpath channels, and slower cpus, so not as useful as R620. Also fewer memory channels. the R620 supports 8 2.5" drives, while the R420 supports up to 8 2.5" or 4 3.5" drives.

-- RobertBall - 12 Jul 2013

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