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AdHoc meeting Minutes, 6/14/2013

Attending: Bob, Shawn, Shuwei, Mark, Chris, Saul, Wei

Survey of current Worker Node Vendors at US Sites
BNL, Dell WN, DDN/thumpers for Storage (no recent info readily available)
AGLT2, Dell
SWT2, Dell
BU C6100 Dells (will add)
SLAC, Dell

Prices removed from page until login-protection can be added. Available from direct site contact.

Should we add Storage Configurations? Is this in our charge? Seems it should be, the charge was rather open. Immediate application is this year's Compute/WN purchases. Will create off-main-page link to storage. Possibly also to network.

Discussion of RAM/core. No recent ATLAS guidelines. How will this play in the future? Adding RAM is more expensive than original purchase pricing. [NB. Integration meeting discussion of this suggests we target 3GB/logical core for any new purchase]

Saul wonders what happens with old parts. UM sends to Property Disposition, or just uses as shelf spares if not too old. Saul would like to sell them on the free market, if possible. Need to work within local University rules. UTA similar to UM (Asset Mgmnt).

Shuwei will send to Bob details of kit testing for WN speed. IO intensive and Production examples both exist. Maybe an rpm can be packaged? Perhaps we can solicit and collect examples, and maintain them as time progresses?

We should run Shuewei's tests on all current hardware to see how it all compares. If we make it easy enough, everyone will do it.

Perhaps a page linked with plans for each site: what are we each planning on buying, so we can advise each other on pitfalls, etc.

Saul may be able to find out costs of recent campus purchases of C8000 systems.

-- RobertBall - 12 Jul 2013

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