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Present: Dave, Bob, Chris, Horst, Shawn

Discuss 6 target configurations on Main Twiki page.

New 1.2TB 10k SAS may be available for M620, but this is a new development.

Using 4 spindles instead of 8 on the R620 (rule of thumb, 8 jobs per spindle) and sizing for 30GB of storage per job.

Can we use an SSD as a front-end cache to disks? Some informal testing at IUCU as a Linux-based solution (64GB). Dell cachecade requires Dell (expensive) SSDs. BNL has also played around a bit. Unproven territory so not relevant for August purchase.

Rerunning HS06 tests on all AGLT2 hardware. Indications from E5-2665 runs early this week are that there is as much as 14% improvement with SL6.4 and gcc 4.4.7 over SL5.8 and gcc 4.1.2. Will establish a table of the results and pass it to the distribution list.

Expect initial quotes for Dell Compute Nodes early next week, and will pass them out as well.

-- RobertBall - 29 Jul 2013

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