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Phase 8 (Jan 1 - Mar 31, 2009 - FY09Q2)

Notation: led-green completed led-blue work is in progress led-gray defer to next phase

WBS Deliverable Description Major Milestones Status Resource
1 P8 Integration Phase 8: deployment, validation Staff, Tier1 + Tier2 centers
1.1 ATLAS releases ATLAS releases via Pacball & DDM Mar 1 led-gray Xin, Fred, Torre
1.2 Fabric upgrades Compute and storage upgrades Mar 31 led-green Tier2
1.3 Network monitoring services US LHC network monitoring infrastructure: validation Mar 1 led-green Networking group
1.4 Bestman validation Validate OSG/VDT based Bestman Feb 1 led-green OU, SLAC, BU, UTA
1.5 Squid servers at Tier 2 Conditions data access at Tier 2 Mar 1 led-gray SLAC, ...
1.6 Load tests 200/400 MB/s and multi-site 1 GB/s Read/write sustained BNL-Tier2 Mar 31 led-gray Networking group
1.7 Storage Validation Disk, LFC, DQ2 catalog validation Mar 1 led-gray all sites
1.8 Site certification Table Site certification and benchmarks registered Mar 31 led-green all sites
1.9 Analysis Benchmarks Boxed analyses across sites various led-gray FacilityWGAP
1.10 US ATLAS Facility clients US-specific support for various ATLAS and OSG clients for admins and physicists on-going led-green Marco
1.11 Summary Report Summary report Mar 31 led-green all

Calendar and Milestones

-- RobertGardner - 14 Jan 2009

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