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The period discussed here is July 1, 2010 to September 30, 2010.

Fabric upgrades

Analysis metrics and data access

  • Continue work/studies on data access methods and effect on analysis efficiency with focus on Tier 2 queues
  • Review comparisons of HC stress tests for various modes:
    • stage-in dcache DONE
    • stage-in xrootd DONE
    • direct reading dcache DONE
    • direct reading xrootd DONE
    • stage-in dcache (WAN) DONE
    • stage-in xrootd (WAN) DONE
    • direct reading dcache (WAN)
    • direct reading xrootd (WAN)
    • local access (pending delivery of portable hammercloud)
  • Some of these are default configurations already; one is novel in our context (remote xrootd access)
  • Examine scalability/stability issues
  • Summary plots with egg

CVMFS evaluation for US ATLAS Facilities generally

From software week and previous workshops, clear interest in CVMFS as a way of delivering software to facilities. In US ATLAS we've already had three generations of a software installation system, can this provide a more reliable and easier to manage system?

Some tests suggested by Graeme (following the Tier 3 work)

  1. Install cvmfs software at sites who are interested in testing.
  2. Validate that with a few jobs.
  3. Embark on stress tests, particularly with a view to comparing performance with a normal software area.
  4. Measure hit rate (perhaps via Squid)

The basic install instructions from Doug for Tier 3's are here: https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/Atlas/Tier3CVMFS2SLC5

  • One or two Tier 2 centers to evaluate in a large scale production environment.

dq2-FTS demonstrator and Tier 2 response

  • Project twiki page: TestingDQ2FTS
  • Identify gridftp + xrootd Tier 3 testbed targets
  • Validate functionality for all Tier 2s
  • Throughput measurements T2->T3

Caching testbeds

See discussions at software week and Amsterdam workshop.

Participation in caching testbeds.

  • One or two sites to provide xrootd or http testbed
  • Participate in caching efficiency studies for analysis jobs

PROOF demonstrator (T1/T2/T3)

-- RobertGardner - 20 Jul 2010

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