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June 2007 - FY07Q3, July - FY07Q4

Establishing the integration progam: specification and implementation of the Phase 1 Integration Program which provides an environment for the rollout of new ATLAS software releases, Panda software (Pilots, monitors, eg), DDM services, logging and monitoring services, and other Tier2/Tier1 services. Establishing and carrying out load tests which establish capabilities and exercise the infrastructure.

WBS Deliverable Description Milestone Status Resource
1 P1 Integration Phase 1: specification, deployment, validation June 30 Rev: 8/06/07 Tier1 + Tier2 centers
1.1 ATLAS releases ATLAS releases, deployment method, tests June 1 completed all
1.2 DQ2 site services Release specification and deployment of DQ2 0.3 June 15 completed all
1.3 OSG services OSG software deployment and integration June 15 completed all
1.4 Storage services Site backend storage services June 15 BNL, UC all
1.5 Monitoring services Panda, Gratia, FTS, NDT June 15 Gratia completed. NDT in progress all
1.6 Logging services DDM logging infrastructure June 15 completed at 6 sites all
1.7 Site certification Table Site certification specifications, records June 15-30 completed all
1.8 Load tests Series of dedicated and persistent tests - components of the full chain (DQ2+FTS+site services+backend storage); instrumented June 15-30 delayed all
1.9 Summary Report Summarized report (interim) of P1 including procurement status June 30 8/6/07 all

-- RobertGardner - 16 Jan 2008

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