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From Flavia:

I published a new version of the installed capacity document: https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/pub/LCG/WLCGCommonComputingReadinessChallenges/WLCG_GlueSchemaUsage-1.8.pdf

In this version you find:

  1. A new formula to compute computing installed resources. This new formula takes into account published fairshares for WLCG VO.
  2. For storage accounting, Storage areas can now overlap. In this case, the InstalledCapacity? attribute is set to 0 for all those published SAs overlapping SAs published with InstalledCapacity? greater than 0. The InstalledCapacity? attribute is introduced for pure accounting purposes.
  3. There is no support for SEs with multiple SRM v2.2 (or v1.1) endpoints as front-end to storage resources shared among several VOs. The restriction at the moment is that there must be a one to one mapping between SE Unique ID and the SRM host FQDN. Sanity checks will be introduced in tools such as gstat so that sites will correctly publish the control protocol for each of the SRM endpoints. Once this is done, then the restriction can be removed.
  4. In order to support CMS, OSG has requested the possibility that an SA represents also space reserved to a VO not using SRM static space reservation with a space token description. Therefore, the SA attribute Total[Online|Nearline]Size can be greater than Reserved[Online|Nearline]Size if this last one is set to 0. This was indeed an error that was present in the previous version of the document. It has been fixed.
  5. A section with the list of the queries performed at the moment by WLCG clients such as FTS and lcg-utils/gfal.

The document has been agreed by all participants from a technical point of view. Only minor changes might still happen. We foresee another version of the document where we are planning to add:

  • OSG specific examples and hints for site administrators.
  • More example queries performed by client tools.


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