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Work from previous phases


See the SubCommitteeLFC. Part of Phase 6 of the IntegrationProgram.

LRC to LFC Migration

Go to: InstallLFConOSG

LFC Launch Checklist NEW

Go to: InstallLFConOSG#LFC_Launch_Check_List

ATLAS specific worker node client tools

  • There are additional ATLAS-specific client tools, such as dq2-get, that are needed by pilot jobs and so need to be visible to compute nodes. These are gathered up in the package called http://www.mwt2.org/caches/ATLAS-wn.pacman. (This is a development version at present -10/7/08.)
  • These will be installed by Xin in $APP/atlas_app/atlaswn/.

LFC-based Utilities

See AtlasLFCUtilities.

LRC to LFC migration

Local Site Mover for Panda Pilot

  • Site mover invoking local scripts that actually move the file
  • Go to: LocalSiteMover

Program of work (updated 9/10/08)

  • LFC server deployed at BNL DONE
  • LFC client, client-interfaces, and server packaged in VDT, initial tests: Aug 20 - Charles, Marco DONE
  • LFC-enabled OSG worker-node client prepared and tested: Aug 27 - Marco
    • Development worker-node client package with VDT-based LFC clients now available and in use. DONE
    • Production version of new worker-node client package (with VDT-based LFC clients) Sep 22 - Alain(VDT), Marco
  • LFC deployment process defined: Aug 27 - Rob
    • See InstallLFConOSG DONE; install of LFC server DONE; MySQL backend for Tier 2 DONE
    • LRC migration script and process for migration defined - Hiro, private script DONE
  • Pilot candidate based on existing (ad-hoc) assembled packages and testbed at BNL: Aug 27 Paul, Facility-contact (Xin) DONE
  • Pilot candidate based on new OSG worker-node client at BNL: Sep 3 Paul, Facility-contact (Xin) DONE
    • Integration complete, validating at BNL w/ 10's jobs. DONE
  • LFC-based utilities package: Aug 27 - Charles, Patrick
    • Assess existing LFC utilities, map legacy US tools
      • checkse, cleanse - Patrick, Charles: Sep 30
      • pool-cleaner for dcache sites - Charles Sep 30
      • User dataset deletion package (Charles or LCG sites already) Sep 30
      • First LFC utilities package created (if necessary): Sep 30 - Charles, Patrick; AtlasLFCUtilities
  • Create python-based www interface for reading content (Jean-Philip)
  • BNL LFC fully deployed with LRC retirement (or leave as read-only): Sep 30
  • LFC deployed at two Tier 2 sites for Panda testing:
    • UTA - Sep 24 - Patrick DONE
    • UC - Sep 10 - Charles DONE
  • LFC deployment fully defined and readied for Facility: Sep 30 DONE
    • Conversion and full-scale operations on Tier 1, Tier 2 test sites (Panda, DDM)
  • LFC fully deployed at US Tier2's: Oct 15 - all Tier 2 facilities DONE
    • Site-by-site migration

-- RobertGardner - 22 Jul 2009

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