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Work from previous phases

Activity for Phase 5 (April 1 - June 30, 2008)

  • Integration at Tier 1 (John Hover)
    • Plan to dump entire LRC to file and begin long-term import into existing test LFC instance (Hiro). This may take O(weeks). But once done, reloading this DB into another LFC instance will be quick: April 24
    • Final high-performance hardware for LFC at BNL is ordered, and expected by April 15th.
    • The idea is to test read and write performance with a fully-populated catalog.
    • If the tests look good, then the idea would be to do a second (and third) LRC dump, SELECTing only newly created entries since previous dump. Then import them into LFC.
    • Once (nearly) all entries are migrated, briefly halt production and do a final dump and load. Change BNL catalog type to LFC, and restart production. May 15
  • Plan for migration of LRC to LFC for Tier2s: May 21
  • Migrate Tier2 LRCs: June 1

-- RobertGardner - 20 Aug 2008

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