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Work from previous phases

Integration Phase 10 (July 1 - Sep 30, 2009 - FY09Q4)

Updated rpms

Name Version Full RPM name Description
LFC-client 1.7.2-4sec.slc4 LFC-client-1.7.2-4sec.slc4.i386.rpm Client side libraries for the LFC
LFC-interfaces2 1.7.2-4sec.slc4 LFC-interfaces2-1.7.2-4sec.slc4.i386.rpm LCG File Catalog Interfaces
LFC-interfaces 1.7.2-4sec.slc4 LFC-interfaces-1.7.2-4sec.slc4.i386.rpm LCG File Catalog Interfaces
LFC-server-mysql 1.7.2-4sec.slc4 LFC-server-mysql-1.7.2-4sec.slc4.i386.rpm LFC Server for a MySQL? database backend
glite-LFC_mysql 3.1.27-0 glite-LFC_mysql-3.1.27-0.i386.rpm gLite metapackage (glite-LFC_mysql)
glite-security-voms-api-cpp 1.8.12-1.slc4 glite-security-voms-api-cpp-1.8.12-1.slc4.i386.rpm org.glite.security.voms-api-cpp v.
glite-yaim-lfc 4.0.3-1 glite-yaim-lfc-4.0.3-1.noarch.rpm glite-yaim-lfc module configures 3.0 LFC.
lcg-dm-common 1.7.2-4sec.slc4 lcg-dm-common-1.7.2-4sec.slc4.i386.rpm LCG Data Management common libraries and man pages.

LFC as deployed in US (prior to update)

Program of work

  • Communicate requirements from ATLAS to VDT DONE
  • Package testing from VDT
  • Develop precise recipe for Tier 2 sites for the upgrade
  • Deal with dependencies in client tools (user, worker-node, utilities)
  • Validate Panda jobs
  • Validate site data management utilities
  • Validate client tools
  • Measure performance if possible for similar operations, before/after
  • Schedule roll out update for Tier 2 sites

References & more info

ATLAS specific worker node client tools

  • There are additional ATLAS-specific client tools, such as dq2-get, that are needed by pilot jobs and so need to be visible to compute nodes. These are gathered up in the package called http://www.mwt2.org/caches/ATLAS-wn.pacman. (This is a development version at present -10/7/08.)
  • These will be installed by Xin in $APP/atlas_app/atlaswn/.

LFC-based Utilities

-- RobertGardner - 22 Jul 2009

-- RobertGardner - 10 Nov 2009

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