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Meeting of the Facilities working group on analysis queue performance, May 12, 2009



  • Meeting attendees: Patrick, Saul, Rob, Paul, Horst, Rik, Nurcan, Jim
  • Apologies: none

Forum for US sites

Revised STEP09 schedule & plan

ATLAS-wide STEP09 coordination

Analysis Queue testing reports (Nurcan)

  • AnalysisQueueJobTests
  • last meeting
    • See site certification table for the status of stress testing of queues with different job types, AnalysisSiteCertification
    • Will still need to run SUSYValidation job at AGLT2 (91% success rate from last run, failures with "error code 256" were being investigated)
    • Stress testing with DPD making job is almost done, used a container dataset (mc08.105200.T1_McAtNlo_Jimmy.recon.AOD.e357_s462_r579/). MWT2 needs to be tested (dcache related problems last time, site will run a test), AGLT2 jobs were caught by failures with "error code 256" in the second run (on the container dataset).
    • Rik defined a TAG selection job, will use it in my testing
    • Data reprocessing job was to define by Mark Slater from Ganga/HammerCloud team , will check the status.
    • HammerCloud is now running in the US cloud, we need to discuss how often we like to run it and at what scale. I asked Mark Slater to add SUSYValidation and DPD making jobs into HammerCloud? , currrenly running a simple muon analysis (calculating invariant mass of dimuons).

  • this week
    • TAG selection jobs are now running at NET2 and SWT2. Submitted manual tests again. NET2 ~100% success. Stage-in problems at SWT2, xrootd system had an issue. Will submit new jobs today.
    • SUSYValidation, D3PD? making and TAG selection jobs are now integrated into Hammer cloud, see https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/Atlas/StressTestJobs
    • ARA - exclude from Hammer cloud test
    • Reprocessing job - to run on reprocessed DPD datasets. Currently defined jobs are producing large output files - not suitable for stress testing. Also uses DB access.
    • Finding a job that requires DB access is now high priority to be put into Hammer cloud. Tried to run D3PD? making job on a Atlfast AOD's, job failed, unable to get a connection to COOL conditions database. Sent a message to Sasha. If this job is successful it can test this database access.
    • Will remote DB access be required.
    • ntuple making from AOD - popular use-case

Additional ANALY queue jobs (Rik)

  • last time
    • TAG selection job defined.
    • BNL, SLAC, NET2 - no problems
    • Two job errors at MWT2. Poolfilecatalog.xml failures. Follow-up with Marco.
    • Will start making it systematic, clean up and make as a regular test job.
    • Akria communicated w/ Kaushik to subscribe ESDs to Tier 2s - not sure if they're available yet.

  • this meeting
    • Top MC ESD - Rik will find users to submit such jobs at Tier 2s

Site readiness (Rob)

  • AnalysisSiteCertification
  • Dataset placement
  • What other site-level preparations in advance of June testing?
  • dq2-get fetching metrics - organize pre-stress testing activity?
    • Volumes: 1 GB / 10 GB / 100 GB / 1 TB
    • Numbers: 10 / 100 / 1K / 10K
    • Options


  • Jim will discuss with Torre a panda-mover scheme
  • Discussed small file problem - large number
  • Understanding hammer cloud errors
  • Next meeting: May 26.

-- RobertGardner - 11 May 2009

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