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Meeting of the Facilities working group on analysis queue performance, April 21, 2009



  • Meeting attendees: Charles, Akira, Rik, Nurcan, Rob, Patrick, Saul


From our last meeting(s), FacilityWGAPMinutesApr7, we had a list of to-do's:

  • Data generation/simulation job to be defined by Akira
  • List of possible participants to be compiled by Rik
  • A table of site configuration to be produced by Rob
  • Someone to define pre-stress-test test routine

Updates to plan:


  • Let pythia do the mixing.
  • We're going to need 10 TB for 100M events (1 pb-1); 1B events would be 100 TB.
  • Central production will need to be used - Kaushik working towards this.
  • Waiting for the samples to be made.

Jim C

  • Coordinate with STEP09 - ATLAS-wide
  • May 28 date will probably slip

Analysis Queue testing reports (Nurcan)

  • AnalysisQueueJobTests
  • SUSY nearly done
  • Now working on DPD making jobs. Tested on a full simulation sample (mc08.105200.T1_McAtNlo_Jimmy.recon.AOD.e357_s462_r579_tid028664) and a private sample subscribed by hand by Akira (user.RichardHawkings.0108173.topmix_Egamma.AOD.v2).
  • Will start DPD making jobs this week. Next is TAG selection jobs.

Site readiness (Rob)

Additional ANALY queue jobs (Rik)

  • last time
    • Need a viable TAG job
    • Will get several people to start submitting jobs at MWT2
    • Difficult to figure out which datasets are at the Tier 2's - especially if you're not sure what you're looking for. Browser is very slow - and wildcards as well.
    • mc08 datasets should be available at Tier 2s.
  • this meeting
    • Most tests at MWT2
    • Submitted ~ 2K jobs;
    • Find two types of periods - when jobs fail ~ 1%; other times - something is going at the site and large numbers of jobs fail.
    • ESD jobs accessing FDR - need to subscribe a small sample to Tier 2s. Rik will send this to Rob.
    • NET2 & SLAC - ~500 jobs.
    • Slowness of dataset browser or dq2_ls to answer questions about completeness of a container at a site (few hours). Can't wildcard search with container.
    • Will start to organize others.
    • Will look for a TAG job, ARA job

Job metrics


-- RobertGardner - 20 Apr 2009

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