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last phase:
  • None recorded
this phase:


last phase:
  • Quotes are now in hand for R620 servers
    • Nineteen machines delivered
      • Seventeen in Production, two in use for testing
this phase:
  • Quotes are in hand for major components, including but not limited to
    • N2024 switch
    • N3048 switch
    • N4064F switch
  • Decisions to be made by 9/15/2014
  • UM Purchase List
    • R720 with MD3460 storage (192TB useful)
    • 14 R620 with dual E5-2650v2 processors
    • 3 M620 with dual E5-2650v2 processors
    • N4032F switch
  • MSU Purchase List TBD


last phase:
  • UC: procuring 48 compute nodes: Dell PowerEdge R620, Intel Xeon E-26XX v2 Processors (Intel Xeon E5-2650v2 2.6GHz, 20M Cache, 8.0GT/s QPI, Turbo, HT, 8C, 95W, Max Mem 1866MHz). With HT, this translates to 1536 job slots.
  • UIUC: 16 compute nodes: Dell C8220 compute "sleds" each with: Intel E5-2670 2.60GHz, 20M Cache, 8C, 115W: 64B RAM, 7200 RPM, SATA, 3Gbps, 2.5in, Hard Drive. With HT, this translates to 512 job slots.
this phase:


last phase:
  • Worker node upgrades, 38 nodes PowerEdge? r620 OR equivalent C6100, 3GB RAM, 2.6 GHz Ivy Bridge
  • 42 nodes C6220, Ivy Bridge, 3GB RAM/core, 4 x 500GB 7200 rpm SATA, 1GB nics installed
this phase:


last phase:
  • None recorded
this phase:
  • 30 R620's on order


last phase:
  • Waiting for R620 quotes from Dell
this phase:


last phase:
  • waiting for 60x M620 to show up.
this phase:
  • the above 60x M620s are in service as of April.

-- RobertGardner - 25 Jun 2014

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