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  • Place here anticipated hardware upgrade activities anticipated during this quarter (July 1 - Sep 30, 2011)
  • Update SiteCertificationP18 with progress, as appropriate.
  • At the end of the quarter we will update the US ATLAS Facility spreadsheet with newly deployed storage and compute resources (c.f. CapacitySummary).
  • Previously, FabricUpgradeP17


last phase: this phase:


last phase:
  • No additions or upgrades are planned.
this phase:
  • Two new file servers, with 360TB total of RAID-6 formatted space
  • Transferred 2 old servers to MSU, where 2 older were retired, gaining a net increase there of 26TB
  • Purchased 3 MD1200 shelves, one each for umfs01/03/04, that added 90TB to total storage


last phase:
  • Completed move to new machine room at UC
  • Original plan was to add storage as necessary to meet WLCG pledge with approximately 320 TB planned. As of end of the quarter we were awaiting new pricing from Dell and evaluating other options. This deployment was deferred to the next quarter.
  • At IU, planning machine room re-arrangement.
this phase:
  • Orders for 720 TB (useable) storage submitted for UC
  • Replacements for two head nodes at IU


last phase:
  • None reported
this phase:


last phase:
  • OU: No additions planned this quarter
this phase:
  • OU: 200 TB (usable) DDN Lustre storage


last phase:
  • Bring online 38 FY10 purchased Dell R410 with dual Intel X5650, 24GB RAM. Hyperthreading turned off.
this phase:

-- RobertGardner - 18 Aug 2011

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