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  • Introduction
  • Place here anticipated hardware upgrade activities anticipated during this quarter.
  • Update SiteCertificationP15 with progress, as appropriate.
  • At the end of the quarter we will update the US ATLAS Facility spreadsheet with newly deployed storage and compute resources (c.f. CapacitySummary).
  • Previously, FabricUpgradeP14


  • Adding 2 PB of usable disk storage and ~170 Dell R410


  • Adding 66 Worker Nodes, Dell R410, X5650, 48GB. Half initially configured with 24 slots, half with 20 slots.
  • Adding roughly 800TB of usable dCache storage. Current deployment 1.466PB with ~400TB in reserve.


  • IU: adding 32 Dell R410, X5660, 48 GB, 2x300GB 15K rpm disks, H200 controller
  • UC: adding 56, same


  • Added hotdisk/usatlas home directory server at Harvard


  • OU: None
  • UTA: Added 200TB of usable storage, 25 Dell R410


  • Installed 7 R710 (each with 48GB and 10Gb), 42 MD1000s (~1PB (10^16)). Total installed 1.6PB

-- RobertGardner - 17 Nov 2010

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