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20090617 BNL's ATLAS dCache pool upgrade


20090617 BNL's ATLAS dCache pool upgrade

Summary: ATLAS dCache pool upgrade

Duration: 17 Jun 2009 09h00 - 17 Jun 2009 11h00

Group Responsible: Storage Management group

Affected Area: dCache

Expected User Impact: Users may experience problems reading and writing files.

Maintenance Type: Downtime

Submitted By: Pedro Salgado, psalgado@bnl.gov

Description: dCache pools will be upgraded to dCache 1.9.1-8:

  • Pool: Fixed an issue with pools getting disabled on transfer errors. Pools now respect the replicateOnArrival flag (a regression from 1.9.0). Newly created replicas now have a last access time equal to the creation time rather than zero.
  • Pool: Fixed HSM cleaner registration.
  • Pools: Fixed LRU garbage collection (previous releases implemented least recently created, not least recently used).
  • Pools + pin manager: Adds pin migration (previously mistakenly announced for 1.9.1-4, but was not present until 1.9.1-5).

-- PedroSalgado - 28 May 2009

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