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Deployment and validation of ATLAS releases and transformations on Tier2 sites, including validation, and publication through the OSG information service.

In this process, site admins are expected to set up and configure the basic OSG information system, then it's atlas release installer's responsibility to make sure the requires altas software are installed and validated on all Tier2 sites. The installation information will automatically be published to OSG information system through GIP/CEmon.

Site configuration

This is the step that would require site admin's attention.

The production releases are installed under $OSG_APP/atlas_app by the software installer. To make sure the installation jobs can go through smoothly, site admin need to double check the following setup after installing OSG CE software stack:

  • If your site uses GUMS, "software" role in the incoming proxy with the jobs is mapped to "usatlas2" local account. If you use a grid-mapfile, please map the following DN to "usatlas2" account: "/DC=org/DC=doegrids/OU=People/CN=Xin Zhao 102397"
  • "usatlas2" user should be given higher priority in the batch system, so the software validation jobs can be processed quickly. There will only be a small number of such jobs submitted to the sites.
  • grid3-locations.txt file in $OSG_APP/etc is writable by usatlas2 account, actually this file should be world writable to allow all VOs to update the VO software installation information.
  • $OSG_APP is writable by usatlas2 account. usatlas2 will create a subdir called "atlas_app" where all the atlas softwares are located.

Releases to have for Phase1

This information is provided by Atlas physics coordinaters and production managers.

For Phase1, we need to determine which releases will be available and necessary, currently the list Xin has contains 12.0.31,12.0.5,12.0.6,13.0.10

The following releases are already in place, although not all of them are being used in production any longer:
  • Existing releases: 11.0.3/  11.0.42/ 11.0.5/  12.0.3/  12.0.31/ 12.0.4/  12.0.5/  12.0.6/  12.3.0/
New release 13.0.10 is being deployed on OSG sites now, so far most of the Tier2 sites should already have it.


It's atlas software installer's responsibility to deploy the required releases on Grid sites. For OSG sites, please contact Xin for now.

  • Existing installation framework for deploying production kits on OSG
    • This URL shows the status of atlas releases deployment on OSG.
  • New release deployments from Panda jobs:
    • Panda developers are working on a new approach that will use pacman pactall feature and integrate the atlas release installation step into the pilot job workflow.


After installing atlas releases, installer will submit kit validation jobs to certify releases at sites. This will be done using the "usatlas2" account and the fast queue.


  • The OSG information service publishes the atlas releases information for a site through GIP/CEmon, one can check them out from OSG CEmon/BDII monitor page
  • A validation script is provided below, which will allow site admin to quickly check if the atlas software information is published correctly or not to OSG. To run it:
    • download the attached tarball BDII-atlas-sw-info.tar.gz
    • run the script, for example, "$>./python check_atlas_sw_gip.py -s BNL_ATLAS_1", of course replace the BNL_ATLAS_1 with your sitename.
    • check README file for more instructions

-- XinZhao - 26 Jun 2007

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