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See progress on Panda-based release installations in previous phases.


  • Full production of working system for all sites
  • Automatic display, reporting of installed releases by site


  • January 31 --- Have all major USATLAS T1/T2 sites go through a test installation job successfully
  • February 15 --- Have the new installation system in production

Milestones achieved

  • The new panda pilot based installation system is in place for USATLAS sites
  • The new installation system is integrated with EGEE portal, giving ATLAS users easy access to release installation status across Grids

Next steps

  • New installation job payload to automate integrity check of the release installation
  • Changes to pacball naming convention to include more information about architecture of releases
  • Speed up pacball transfer to T1s in DQ2
  • Finalize procedure of adding new installation sites to Panda, mainly for adhoc T3 sites

-- RobertGardner - 22 Dec 2008

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