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Migration Plan, Phase I

Date/Time: Tuesday August 18th, 2009 at 9:00AM (Eastern).

Place all BNL Tier 1 resources under a single 'BNL-LCG2' OSG Resource Group. (Currently each Resource is in its own, independent, self-named Resource Group.)

  • Resource Group: BNL-LCG2
    • Resource: BNL_ATLAS_1 (CE)
    • Resource: BNL_ATLAS_2 (CE)
    • Resource: BNL_ATLAS_SE (SE)


  1. In OIM, move BNL_ATLAS_1, BNL_ATLAS_2 and BNL_ATLAS_SE under the BNL-LCG2 Resource Group.
  2. Set Interop BDII, Interop Monitoring, Interop Accounting, and Accounting Name to proper settings (BNL-LCG2) for all Resources.
  3. On gridgk01/02.racf.bnl.gov (BNL_ATLAS_1 ), alter montoring/config.ini making site_name=BNL-LCG2.
  4. Install all custom providers (FTS, LFC, MyProxy) on gridgk01.usatlas.bnl.gov.
  5. Remove all custom provider symlinks on gridgk03.usatlas.bnl.gov.
  6. Re-initialize all probes/providers to pick up new settings.
  7. Stop publishing BDII from gridgk03, which is currently the Resource of "BNL-LCG2", later this resource will be removed from OIM by contacting GOC.
  8. Monitor and test OSG BDII contents with 'glite-sd-query' tool.
  9. Monitor and test LCG BDII contents with 'glite-sd-query' tool.
  10. If any functional systems (e.g. FTS ) are affected, roll back all changes and re-check.


This expected to be transparent to functional systems. It is not likely to be transparent to monitoring/accounting systems, e.g. Gratia->APEL. We plan to address any issues with those after the fact.

Migration Plan, Phase II

Tentative Date/Time: Tuesday, August 25th 9:00AM EST.


To eliminate any references to the name BNL-LCG2 in our information systems. Henceforth the ATLAS Tier 1 at BNL will be called BNL-ATLAS in OSG/WLCG.


  1. In OIM change the resource group for all BNL resources from BNL-LCG2 to BNL-ATLAS.
  2. In all RSV/Gratia probes at BNL, change config strings from BNL-LCG2 to BNL-ATLAS.
  3. In coordination with CERN Tier 0 FTS team, have them perform site name change procedure (see below).
  4. With assistance of CERN Tier 0 FTS team, have all ATLAS Tier 1 FTS providers perform the site name change procedure.
  5. Coordinate post-change DDM testing across Tier 0 and Tier 1s.
  6. If unresolvable, show-stopping issues are found coordinate rollback across system.

Follow-up (over the following 24-36 hours)

  1. Resolve any name-related issues with Gratia-> APEL
  2. Resolve any name-related issues with RSV-> SAM
  3. Resolve any name-related issues with GridView.


FTS site name change procedure: https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/LCG/FtsProcedureSiteNameChange

https://twiki.grid.iu.edu/bin/view/Operations/AtlasBdiiIssues A "workshop" page at OSG's Twiki.

-- JohnHover - 18 Aug 2009

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