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Part of the FacilityWGAP working group on analysis queue performance in the the IntegrationProgram. This page organizes analysis queue certification activities for each site in the facility.

Schedule and tasks

General analysis stress testing
  • See notes from Akira at FacilityWGAPMinutesMar10
  • Data generation/simulation job to be defined by Akira
  • List of possible participants to be compiled by Rik
  • A table of site configuration to be produced by Rob
  • A table of well-defined job types and instructions for users (Nurcan, Rik)
    • DONE See below

Other possible tasks

  • Initial stress testing via UTA submit scripts (Nurcan) DONE
  • Specification of metrics for comparison to Hammer Cloud results, http://atlas-ganga-storage.cern.ch/test_188/ DONE
  • Creation of Panda monitor views for analysis testing services DONE


  • March 15: Specify and test a well-defined set of job archetypes representing likely user analysis workflows hitting the analysis queues.
  • March 31: Specify set of queue metrics and test measurements made, see AnalyQueueMetrics
  • April 15: Initial job type testing to all queues
  • May 1: Metrics monitoring in place
  • May 1: all job type definitions finalized
  • May 1: initial stress tests to all sites completed
  • May 15: final set of job types tested
  • May 15: dataset placement certification
  • May 25-June 6: analysis stress test weeks begin

Certifications by job type

Notation: led-green completed led-blue work is in progress led-gray defer to next phase led-red table to be updated

Job type Athena release input T1 AGLT2 MWT2 NET2 SWT2 WT2
SusyValidation 14.5.0 AOD led-green led-green led-green led-green led-green led-green
D3PD making with TopPhysTools 14.5.0 AOD led-green led-green led-green led-green led-green led-green
TAG selection 14.5.0 TAG led-green led-green led-green led-green led-green led-green
DB access job AOD led-green led-green led-green led-blue led-blue led-blue
Data reprocessing DPD            
ANLASC1 14.5.1 AOD     led-blue led-blue   led-blue
ANLASC2 14.2.23 ESD     led-blue      
ANLASC2 Jet sampling 14.5.1 ESD     led-blue      
More jobs types to come ...                
HammerCloud Jobs                

Panda monitoring of stress tests

Hammer Cloud monitoring


-- RobertGardner - 14 Apr 2009

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