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Analy queue profiles

Queue Storage system Access/Mover Min job slots Max job slots Queue policy User output area
ANALY_BNL_ATLAS_1 dCache dcap, dccp, lcg-cp 250 420 90 minutes walltime limit, highest priority BNL-OSG2_SCRATCHDISK
ANALY_LONG_BNL_ATLAS dCache dcap, dccp, lcg-cp 250 420 no walltime limit, highest priority, no production jobs run here BNL-OSG2_SCRATCHDISK
ANALY_AGLT2 dCache dcap, dccp, lcg-cp 32 1300 Analysis scheduled higher than production; 3-day wall time limit; 4GB max image size (50/50 RAM/Swap); 25GB max disk usage AGLT2_SCRATCHDISK
ANALY_MWT2 dCache dcap, dccp, lcg-cp (0) 400 1200 Analysis scheduled higher than production; 400 cap when production; 1200 when no production jobs. 3 day wall time limit. MWT2_UC_SCRATCHDISK
ANALY_MWT2_SHORT dCache dcap, dccp, lcg-cp same same 4-hour wall time limit. MWT2_UC_SCRATCHDISK
ANALY_NET2 GPFS lsm 280 600 no limit NET2_SCRATCHDISK
ANALY_SWT2_CPB xrootd xcp 20 200 Analysis jobs have higher priority than production; 41 Hour walltime limit SWT2_CPB_SCRATCHDISK
ANALY_OU_OCHEP_SWT2 (soon) Lustre cp, lcg-cp 16 256 no limit SWT2_OU_SCRATCHDISK
ANALY_SLAC xrootd xcp 0 ~1000 48% fairshare for analysis, 32% for production SLACXRD_SCRATCHDISK

-- RobertGardner - 08 Apr 2009

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