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Make sure all US ATLAS sites are reporting accounting and usage data correctly for reporting into the WLCG accounting system.


Known issues to be addressed

Here is a list of known issues from John Weigand on 9/21/07. To be addressed:

  • AGLT2 (Shawn)
    • CPU usage for Condor scheduler not reporting. Problem was identified: the site uses "local" pilot submission which ends up bypassing the GRAM/Condor job manager. The condor.pm (for Condor sites) is patched by Gratia to insure that the log files from OSG jobs are correctly moved into the Gratia directory for processing. The fix was to run a separate cron script which creates the needed Gratia files for Gratia processing. Aaron Thor has extracted missing job accounting info for AGLT2 for July, August and the first 17 days of September 2007, numbers sent to Michael which will insert into the WLCG accounting portal directly. DONE
  • UC_ATLAS_MWT2 (Rob)
    • Needs normalization factor
    • Properly registered
    • November - May data missing
    • Need to check condor_history records usage properly for a usatlas job.
  • IU_ATLAS_Tier2 (Rob)
    • Same problem as UC_ATLAS_MWT2 - CPU time is probably wrong (check)
    • Needs to be registered as part of MWT2 (currently in UNREGISTERED) and in OSG categories
    • Needs normalization data
    • Request Aaron to extract April through September using Panda data.
  • MWT2_UC, MWT2_IU (Rob)
    • Need norm factors, John to upload with correct normalization.
  • BNL (Xin)
    • We have question - need to talk with Xin
    • BNL_PANDA - Uses local pilot submission. Xin has a python script which correctly collects accounting data and reports data directly to Gratia.
    • BNL_OSG - Usage seems low
  • NET2: BU_ATLAS_Tier2; _Tier2o (Saul)
    • BU_ATLAS_Tier2 properly registered. BU_ATLAS_Tier2o needs to be added to NET2 definition.
    • Need to install OSG 0.6; since PBS is used, Gratia will gather all historical data. Another option is to have Aron to extra data for 2007; Michael to upload.
      • Worried about double-counting when OSG eventually does get installed.
  • SWT2 (Patrick)
    • UTA_SWT2
      • look at reverse mapping to correctly associate usage with usatlas1 (unknown VO problem?)
      • Need to correct site name UTA_SWT2 (its in the UNREGISTERED section) in the WLCG registration document; should be in both OSG and in the SWT2 view
      • No data from August onwards.
      • Also needs an normalization factor
    • UTA_DPCC needs to be added to SWT2 category and in OSG; also needs normalization factor
    • OU is okay - except for normalization factors.
  • PROD_SLAC (Wei)
    • Was incorrect SLAC_PROD probably fixed now, no special action required.
    • Needs to be assigned as WT2
  • UC_Teraport (Rob)
    • Has to look at reverse mapping to correctly associate usage with usatlas1 (unknown VO problem) plus empty data.
    • Normalization factors
    • Missing data for last year
    • Get data from Panda (Aaron)
  • Update registration document (Rob and Shawn)

Scaling factors

  • Current set of normalization factors assumed by Gratia are here (version 1.13, 10/2/07)
  • OSG previosly sent out a survey from which they determined normalization factors.

  • Table of SI2K? values from various sources including BNL:

About This Site

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jpg SI2K_values.jpg (103.1K) | RobertGardner, 02 Oct 2007 - 11:11 | Shawn's updated table of SI2K? values
doc Normalization.doc (30.0K) | RobertGardner, 26 Sep 2007 - 12:40 | Information about normalization factors used by Gratia
pdf OSG-Site-Survey.pdf (214.6K) | RobertGardner, 02 Oct 2007 - 11:09 | Normalization factors from OSG
png SI2K_values.png (31.4K) | ShawnMckee, 02 Oct 2007 - 17:11 | Table of SI2K? values from various sources including BNL
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