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Cosmic Integration

The Earth is so alone ... (more to come)


Hello ... (more to come)



Universe Today
Astronomy Cast (Multiple Resource)
Bad Astronomy


The human really knows very little compared to the scale of the intelligence behind the universe(s). Why don't we open our minds to other areas that are not yet aligned with mainstream science? (more...)

  1. Healing
  2. UFO(s) and Extraterrestrial(s)
    Abduction to the 9th Planet
    Crop Circles
    1. Grid Computing

Computer Science

I would like to help clarify a common misconception that people generally have toward Computer Science. First of all, software development and programming are NOT Computer Science. Programming is merely a tool for verifying and "materializing" ideas in CS, which is analogical to the role of Applied Mathematics in Physics... Computer Science is philosophy manifested in computational forms... (more to come)

  1. True Colors
    Emotion AI
    Sociable Machines


  1. People
    Fred Alan Wolf
    Stephen Hawking


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