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Minutes14Feb2007 -

Minutes of the RAC meeting 14 Feb., 2007

  • J. Shank mentioned there was only one new request for regional production from Pauline Gagnon for Invisible Higgs production. See in the RAC mail archive.
5k events of this sample has been sent as part of the Higgs group quota. The evgen for these jobs had just been submitted.

Kaushik asked to set the priorities for these jobs appropriately low (range 50-200 would be preferred) so that they will automatically be run by PanDA when there is a lull in production.

The estimate for this production is about 40k CPU hours (assuming 15 min/event).

  • Stephane mentioned that many of the CSC note editors would probably like more production and they just aren't asking because they don't think it is possible.

  • Bing mentioned that here group would still like to get more of the W,Z events done since they seem to be "stuck" on the LCG grid. Ian said that the correct way to fix this is to fix the LCG grid, rather than move produciton from one grid to another. It was agreed that he could do this for a small fracction of the production.

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