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BNL Analysis Jamboree, Dec 2008


The Jamboree on Dec 15-18 focuses on the analysis of the single beam and cosmic commissioning data taken this fall. The initial reconstruction data from T0 processing has been available during the runs, and the reprocessed data from ATLAS T1's with refined reconstruction in release 14.4.0 should be available by the time of the Jamboree. The participants are expected to analyze the data in the context of the performance group and physics group activities. The US ATLAS Analysis Forums may organize some analysis activities during the Jamboree also.

The dates for the Jamboree
Dec 15-18, 2008, Monday to Thursday

The preliminary agenda for the Jamboree is available.

Prior to the week, there is also the Jamboree at ANL.


The BNL meeting will take place in BNL Physics Department, Building 510A, Room 2-84 for general meetings (with a secondary Room 2-111 on the same floor) , and additional space for breakout sessions in Room 1-105 and Room 1-113 in the same building, and a coffee lounge in Room 1-100. Physics Bldg map

Please refer to the BNL Map for directions to lab and the physics department.


We require a registration for the Jamboree so that the Analysis Support Centers can prepare for the meeting accordingly. There is no registration fee.

Please fill out a registration form at http://www.usatlas.bnl.gov/BNLJamboreeDEC08/reserve.php. You need to enter the standard atlas username/passwd on the upper right corner to enable the registration submission.

We plan to have a dinner on Tuesday, please indicate that on the registration page if you intend to join the dinner.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact

On the registration form, please indicate the analysis topics you are interested in.

Details for BNL attendees are in this page: BnlAsc#Visiting_BNL.

A list of registered participants can be found here

There will be a BNL Physics Department Holiday Party during the Jamboree. The Jamboree participants are all welcome to join.

  • Wednesday, December 17 at 4:30 pm, Physics Lounge.
  • (Wine and beer served at 5:00pm)
  • $7 per person until December 12. Please reserved the ticket with Linda(feierabe@bnl.gov) in advance.
  • $10 per person the week of the party

Analysis Topics

  • Calorimeter Performance: Hong Ma
  • Muon Performance: David Adams
  • Trigger: Michael Begel, Corrinne Mills
  • egamma: Jae Yu, Scott Snyder

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