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AtlasSWReleasesSetup : Simple instruction on ATLAS release kit setup

Location of ATLAS release kits:

The numbered releases are located at /opt/usatlas/kit_rel.

How to set up a release

The setup for kit release is:

  1. source /path_to_kit/cmtsite/setup.sh [or .csh] -tag=release_number[,projectName]
  2. export CMTPATH=${working_directory}:${CMTPATH} for zsh/bash/ksh;
    setenv CMTPATH ${working_directory}:${CMTPATH} for tcsh
    • You can check out packages and compile them under ${working_directory}.
  3. source /path_to_kit/AtlasOffline/release_number/AtlasOfflineRunTime/cmt/setup.sh [or .csh]
    • replace AtlasOffline with your projectName if it is different from AtlasOffline

The first command performs CMT, ATLAS release management tool, setup, where projectName is optional and it default project is AtlasOffline. The last command sets full run-time environment. The middle one is needed if you like to add your own package on top of the release. For release 13.0.10, path_to_kit is /opt/usatlas/kit_rel/13.0.10.

If no additional package is required, the above setup can be simpler. That is, you can skip the middle step and combine the other two commands:

  1. source /path_to_kit/cmtsite/setup.sh [or .csh] -tag=release_number,setup[,projectName]

Please note:

  • The projectName must be specified as AtlasProduction for production patched releases such as,
    and as AtlasPoint1 for 13.0.25 patched releases (designed for M4 data) such as

How to check out additional package

At BNL there is a mirror for ATLAS cvs repository at CERN. The default environment variable CVSROOT will point to CERN after kit setup. However, you can use bnl_cvs or bnl_cmt to use BNL local cvs repository for checkout.

For example, after the kit setup you can check a specific version of package AthenaROOTAccess:

  • bnl_cmt co -r AthenaROOTAccess-00-00-38-06 PhysicsAnalysis/AthenaROOTAccess

More on releases at BNL

Please visit AtlasSWReleases page for more details on release-related tools, how to use a private requirements to set up all releases, and ATLAS nightlies.

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