Muon Lifetime Experiment
The muon lifetime experiment can be measured by using one simple device. Here's a good link that explains how it works
  •   Muon Magnetic Moment
    This experiment is based on the work by Claude Amsler
      Light in a Bottle
    Explores the generation of Cerenkov light inside a thermos bottle
      Berkeley Cosmic Ray detector
    This is a good experiment for those of you that like building things. There are a number of experiments one can do with it
      Suggested Computer Games
    Here's a brief list of possible games that one could write.
    • Particle Pinball - A game where the laws of physics rules!
        Cosmic Invaders - catch the largest number of particles produced in a shower. But watch out for those neutrinos!
          Particle Poker - Hmmm... What would be a Royal Flush? 3 quarks and 2 leptons? Particle poker is played with 6 quark cards, each with 3 colors. Whoever gets the more massive particle wins. The leptonic version of the game is under development.
            Particle Mahjonng - Match particles, but don't let them anihilate.
  •   Cartoons and Party Material
    Here's some ideas of material for parties
    • Particle Pinada - Inside each Pinada there are three quarks- name that particle
        Rhicquettes -