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High School Students, Teachers and Physicists collaborating on physics research
  "QuarkNet brings high school students and teachers to the frontier of 21st century research that seeks to resolve some of the mysteries about the structure of matter and the fundamental forces of nature."  


Can we use a thermos bottle to detect cosmic rays? Some people think that this is the case. This cool project comes from University of Mainz. What is required to build this detector is an old fashioned thermos bottle (the one with glass inside) and a photomultiplier. Fill the bottle with (distilled) water and voila!. Relativistic particles produce Cherenkov light in water and the light produced detected and amplified by the photomultiplier. Some people claim that Aspirin enhances light output.

High Energy Physics Laboratories
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The 2002 Joint BNL and Stony Brook Associated Teacher Summer Workshop is now over! Proceedings of the workshop in CD format is now READY! If you did not participate in the workshop but want a copy, send us an e-mail. For follow up meeting dates use this link

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