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U.S. LHC Communications Weekly Report

U.S. LHC Communications and Media Relations: Sarah Charley (FNAL)

May 4, 2017

Recent and Upcoming Projects/Activities


March 13-14: visit (Formerly Myth Busters, lead organizer Steve Goldfarb)

April 24, 27 and 28: Gizmodo writer Ryan F. Mandelbaum

May 4-5: Melinda Lee from SLAC

Recent Content

A tiny droplet of the early universe?

(Apr 24) Particles seen by the ALICE experiment hint at the formation of quark-gluon plasma during proton-proton collisions.

A new search to watch from LHCb

(Apr 18) A new result from the LHCb experiment could be an early indicator of an inconsistency in the Standard Model.

CERN's antimatter experiments: What do we know and what's left to learn?

(Mar 24) Symmetry article examining the current state of antimatter research at CERN (including experiments in the AD Hall, AMS and the LHC experiments.)

How strong is the strong force?

(Mar 10) Symmetry article about ongoing research at Louisiana Tech University to measure the strength of the strong force at varying energies.

How to build a universe

(Feb 28) Symmetry article about the Sakharov conditions and how scientists are experimentally looking for evidence of the matter-antimatter asymmetry.

Archaeology meets particle physics

(Apr 25) Symmetry article about ongoing work at Texas Tech university in which undergraduate work with professors to design cosmic ray detectors that can withstand the elements and help them search for buried archeological sites. Assigned to undergraduate who is writing for us while he's at CERN (I helped him with the organization/editing/finding the right contacts for this story.)

Upcoming Content

From mess to measurement

Symmetry article about how scientists process LHC data and reconstruct particles to measure subatomic processes. (For the first collisions and restart of the LHC.)
Scheduled to publish: TBD

What happened before the universe?

Symmetry article about what might have existed before the universe and the nature of time.
Scheduled to publish: end of May

What's really happening during an LHC collision?

Article that looks at the mechanics of proton-proton collisions and examines what happens when proton "collide" (or more accurately, get close enough to exchange a boson).
Scheduled to publish: TBD

Media Highlights

The Large Hadron Collider Is Back in Business

(May 3) Popular Mechanics article about the LHC restart.

Punk Rock Physics Experiment Is Hunting for a Dark Matter Particle ...

(May 1) Gizmodo article about the CAST experiment (by Ryan Mandelbaum, the journalist who visited the week prior.)

Strange Quarks at Large Hadron Collider Shed Light on Universe's ...

(April 24) Newsweek article about the ALICE Nature paper published last week.

Scientists Are Exploring a Strange New Way to Create an Exotic ...

(April 25) Gizmodo article about the new ALICE results, featuring University of Houston postdoc Livio Bianchi (the Ryan Mandelbaum interviewed Livio during his CERN visit).

Another Strange Discovery From LHC That Nobody Understands

(April 25) Universe Today article about the ALICE results published in Nature.

Physicists Excited by Latest LHC Anomaly

(April 20) Scientific American article about the new LHCb result showing yet another Standard Model deviation for Lepton Flavor Universality.

A Similar Anomaly Has Showed up in Three Physics Experiments Since 2009. What's Happening?

(April 20) Wired article LHCb result showing deviation from the Standard Model.

Can Muons - Which Live for Just Microseconds - Save Experimental Particle Physics?

(April 7) Forbes article summarizing how the LHC works, how particle physicists look for new physics, and the possibilities of eventually building muon colliders.

Ask Ethan: Is There Any Such Thing As Pure Energy?

(March 25) Forbes article discussing the different forms of energy and whether-or-not energy can exist in a pure form. Discusses particles accelerated in the LHC and the conversation of mass to energy.

Not one, not two, but five new particles discovered with the Large Hadron Collider

(March 24) Extreme Tech article about a result from LHCb finding 5 new excited states of the Omega-c-zero particle.

Large Hadron Collider Disproves Existence of Ghosts

(March 29) Geek Exchange article about a BBC radio interview with Brian Cox in which he said that the LHC has disproved the existence of ghosts.

What Caused the Big Bang? Consider the Beer Bottle

(March 25) Big Think video featuring theorist Lawrence Kraus who discusses inflation and how we can use accelerators to probe the properties of the universe (and where accelerators fall short.)