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U.S. LHC Communications Weekly Report

U.S. LHC Communications and Media Relations: Sarah Charley (FNAL)

December 20, 2016

Recent and Upcoming Projects/Activities


November 3-5: Curiosity TV visit (documentary; HGCAL development)

November 21: US Mission visit (15 participants)

November 23: SLAC Director visit (VIP visit; Protocol Office)

December 15: NSF Physics Director Denise Caldwell visit


(Symmetry) Is there a dark energy particle?

Symmetry article about Chameleon particles and how the CAST experiment is looking for them.
Published: November 3

(Symmetry) (Video) No new particles?

Tongue-and-cheek video about graduate students encouraging each other to “keep at it” after the disappearance of the 750 GeV bump.
Published: November 29

How to build a Universe

Symmetry article about the Sakarov conditions and how LHC research could tell us more about the matter-antimatter imbalance.
Scheduled: January

(Symmetry) Robots of CERN

Symmetry article about the robots at CERN that perform the dirty and dangerous jobs humans can't do.
Scheduled: As soon as approved

Media Highlights

CERN published a video about the TIM robot whch inspects the LHC tunnel. This story generated the most media coverage for November and December:

(The Verge) TIM the robot inspects the tunnel of the Large Hadron Collider

(Engadget) CERN introduces Large Hadron Collider's robotic inspectors

(Quartz) Meet the robot security guard of the world's largest physics experiment

(Business Insider) This is how a robot inspects the largest machine in the world

Also in the news…

Caltech's Professor Harvey Newman receives Department of Energy award

(Dec 9) Pasadena Now article about Harvey Newman (CalTech) who was granted a lifetime achievement award by the Department of Energy.

Why research papers have so many authors

(Nov 26) Economist article about scientific papers and publishing practices (featuring the famous ATLAS-CMS Higgs combination paper).

A bet about a cherished theory of physics may soon pay out

(Nov 12) Economist article about supersymmetry and the bets scientists made about when it would be discovered (if at all).

Increasing energy, finding answers

(Nov 10) Texas A&M “Battalion” article about the work their researchers are performing at the LHC.