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U.S. LHC Communications Weekly Report

U.S. LHC Communications and Media Relations: Sarah Charley (FNAL)

August 15, 2016

Recent and Upcoming Projects/Activities


(Symmetry) Fabiola and the future of CERN

Q&A with Fabiola Gianotti and what she sees as most important about her mandate as DG.
Scheduled: Aug 2

(Symmetry) LHC bump fades with more data

Article about the 750 GeV bump (and whether it's grown stronger or disappeared) planned for immediately after the presentations at ICHEP.
Published: Aug 5

(Symmetry) Rediscovery of the Higgs boson

Article about re-finding the Higgs boson in the new 13 TeV data.
Published: Aug 4

(Symmetry) Long lived particles

Article discussing searches for long-lived particles at the LHC and how the existence of long-lived particles could provide answers for nearly every lingering question in physics.
Scheduled: Sep 8

(Symmetry) How to make a Universe

Article about the basic ingredients and conditions needed to form a universe filled with matter.
Scheduled: TBD

(Ask Symmetry) How are ATLAS and CMS different?

Video about the technical differences between ATLAS and CMS and the importance of experimental cross-checking.
Scheduled: Video ready; working on animations

Media Highlights

Lots of coverage on the disappearance of the bump in the new 2016 data and also a few stories about magnetic monopolies (based on a press release CERN issued about the MoEDAL experiment). Bump coverage all looks forward to what the LHC might find and is very accurate and straight-forward; I did not find any negativity nor articles claiming that the LHC had failed.

Science Friday: Search for new particles

(Aug 12) Episode of Science Friday discussing the re-discovery of the Higgs and the disappearance of the bump. Features the Ohio State University postdoc James Beacham.

The particle That Wasn't -- The New York Times

New York Times article about the disappearance of the bump; features Harvard theorist Lisa Randall and the Ohio State University postdoc James Beacham.

Physicists look to the future as new particle dream dies

(Aug 10) New Scientist follow up article on the disappearance of the bump and how scientists feel about the future of their field.

Physicists mourn as hinted particle vanishes in leaked LHC data

(Aug 5) New Scientist article about the disappearance of the bump. CMS's note about the 750 GeV bump was accidentally published on CDS the day before the announcement. Journalist Leah Crane wrote the article while at ICHEP.

Ghost in the Machine: Atom Smasher's "New Particle" Was Illusion

(Aug 11) Live Science article about the disappearance of the bump, possible new physics and where physics is headed. Features theoretical physicists Matt Strassler and Michael Peskin and Fermilab postdoc Nhan Tran.

Sorry, Foks. The LHC Didn't Find a New Particle After All

(Aug 5) Wired article about the disappearance of the bump.

The Large Hadron Collider is back, and set to flip the science world...

(Aug 15) Science Alert article summarizing what the LHC is and the higher-energy for Run II.