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U.S. LHC Communications Weekly Report

U.S. LHC Communications and Media Relations: Sarah Charley (FNAL)

July 29, 2016

Recent and Upcoming Projects/Activities


July 01: American Scientist visit (Brian Malow)

July 17 & 18: Harvard Gazette

End of August: Possible NOVA Scouting visit

September or January: Possible VICE visit


(Symmetry) LHCb discovers family of tetraquarks

LHCb confirms earlier observations of a tetraquark made by CDF, CMS and D0 and finds three more siblings.
Published June 29

(Symmetry) The Higgs-shaped elephant in the room

Article about the search for the Higgs decaying to bottom quarks and why this channel is so challenging to find.
Published: June 23

(Symmetry) Long lived particles

Article discussing searches for long-lived particles at the LHC and how the existence of long-lived particles could provide answers for nearly every lingering question in physics.
Scheduled: TBD

(Ask Symmetry) How are ATLAS and CMS different?

Video about the technical differences bewteen ATLAS and CMS and the importance of experimental cross-checking.
Scheduled: Video ready; working on animations

(Symmetry) Fabiola and the future of CERN

Q&A with Fabiola Gianotti and what she sees as most important about her mandate as DG.
Scheduled: August 4

(Symmetry) Update on 750GeV bump

Article about the 750 GeV bump (and whether it' s grown stronger or disappeared) planned for immediately after the presentations at ICHEP.
Scheduled: August 5

(Symmetry) Rediscovery of the Higgs boson

Article about re-finding the Higgs boson in the new 13 TeV data.
Scheduled: ICHEP

Media Highlights

Family of Exotic Tetraquarks Discovered

(July 22) Live Science article about the family of Tetraquarks, featuring the two Syracuse researchers who performed the study.

High-energy Lab has High-energy Director

(July 21) Physics Today Q&A with Fabiola Gianotti.

Physicist Wins NSF Grant to Support Subatomic Particle Research

(July 19) Syracuse University press release about a research granted recently awarded to assistant professor Matthew Rudolph to continue his research on the LHCb experiment.

Physicists Make Science History With Discovery of Rare “Exotic” Particle

(July 13) Science Explorer article based on the Syracuse tetraquark press release..

How To Design An Experiment For The LHC - Seeker
Can Particle Physics Explain How We Got Here?
How Particle Accelerators Teach Us About The Universe
Meet The Guy Who Runs The Large Hydron Collider

(July 22-25) Seeker (subsidiary of Discovery News) 4-part series about their CERN visit this spring. Videos feature an interview with BU professor Tulika Bose. Visit coordinated by U.S. LHC Communications.

CERN: Exploring how the Universe formed

(July 26) CNN International Part 1 and Part 2 segments for the series, “Make, Create, Innovate” about CERN and the research being conducted. Features interview with Berkeley scientist Beate Heinemann. Episode aired on July 26. Visit coordinated by U.S. LHC Communications.