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U.S. LHC Communications Weekly Report

U.S. LHC Communications and Media Relations: Sarah Charley (FNAL)

March 22, 2016

Recent and Upcoming Projects/Activities

(Symmetry) Joel Butler elected next CMS spokesperson

Article about Joel Butler and the role he will hold as the next CMS spokesperson.
Published: March 10

(Symmetry) Bump Watch 2016

Update on the 750 GeV bump and new results from Moriond conference.
Published: March 18

(Symmetry feature) The spin of things

Symmetry article examining what quantum mechanical spin is and the role it plays in our everyday technology.
Scheduled: TBD

(Symmetry) Successful Magnet test for HL-LHC

US LARP and CERN co-produced magnet prototypes for the HL-LHC, which are currently being tested at Fermilab.
Scheduled: TBD

Media Highlights

There are a few big topics in the news currently:

750 GeV bump in ATLAS and CMS data (and what it could be)
Tantalizing Data From the LHC Has Physicists Psyched

(March 16) Wired article exploring theoretical implications of the 750 GeV bump (featuring several theorists, including John Ellis.)

Hints of New LHC Particle Get Slightly Stronger

(March 18) Nature article (republished in Scientific American) about the bump, featuring Princeton physicist Jim Olsen.

Giant atom-smasher gears up to chase whiff of new physics

(March 18) Article about the bump, featuring Beate Heinemann (Berkeley), Linda Carpenter (a theorist at Ohio State University, Columbus), Mayda Velasco (Northwestern University) and Sally Dawson (theorist at Brookhaven National Laboratory).

Also featured in:

The Guardian (March 18):

Alphr (March 21):

Tech times:

(and more…)

LGBT poster defacement at CERN
Originally reported in Physics World, member’s of CERN’s LGBT community discuss their difficulty becoming an officially recognized CERN club and LGBT posters that have been torn down or defaced.

Where People and Particles Collide

(March 3) Physics World

LGBT scientists targeted by homophobic abuse at Cern laboratory in Geneva

(March 20) International Business Times

Large homophobic collider at CERN

(March 21) The Australian

Gay bigotry collides with particle physics

(March 21) The Times UK

(and more…)

LHCb angular distribution of B-meson (results from March 2015)
A Polish University sent out a sensational press release about results presented at Moriond last year (angular distribution of B mesons). The results are not new nor significant, but regardless, it caused quite a stir.

Large Hadron Collider results may hint at a new era of physics

(March 10) Fox news about year-old LHCb results.

'New physics' clue hints at a blockbuster discovery at Large Hadron Collider

(March 10)

The latest results at CERN indicate physics beyond our understanding

(March 20) IFL Science Facebook (video: 3 million views)

(and many more…)