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U.S. LHC Communications Weekly Report

U.S. LHC Communications and Media Relations: Sarah Charley (FNAL)

February 19, 2016

U.S. LHC Communicator Activities


Feb 24: (Official CERN/Protocol Office) University of California President visit


(Symmetry) LHC software upgrade

Article about the NSF funded DIANA project, which will make LHC software more compatible with other programs written in languages like Python and C++.

(Symmetry) Seeing physics everyday

Article about how fundamental properties (like spin) have a macroscopic effect in everyday devices (like sunglasses and hard drives).

(Symmetry) Joel Butler elected next CMS spokesperson

Article about Joel Butler and the role he will hold as the next CMS spokesperson.

Media Highlights

What will the Large Hadron Collider discover next?

(Feb 17) Interactive BBC article about the LHC, reviewing popular theories (dark matter; supersymmetry) and basic facts and figures.

Will the World's Largest Supercollider Spawn a Black Hole? (Op-Ed)

(Feb 10) Live Science Op-Ed by Fermilab scientist Don Lincoln examining the question, could the LHC destroy the world? (Answer: no.) Don Lincoln explains the science of the LHC and debunks popular apocalyptic theories.

The Social Life of Quarks

(Jan 14) Science feature article about the discovery of pentaquarks and tetraquarks, profiling Syracuse professor Sheldon Stone.