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U.S. LHC Communications Weekly Report

U.S. LHC Communications and Media Relations: Sarah Charley (FNAL)

November 25, 2015

U.S. LHC Communicator Activities


Dec 4: Photographer Nick Russell

TBD: Filmmaker Dan Birdman (National Geographic) - research stage

TBD: HBO/VICE - research stage

Recent/upcoming activities

(Symmetry) LHC goes heavy metal

Article about the start of the LHC heavy ion run, featuring researchers from the University of Houston, Brookhaven, and Berkeley.
To be published: Later today

(Symmetry) Shining light inside the proton

Symmetry article about how University of Kansas researchers on the CMS experiment are looking at photon-proton interaction in the LHC to study the internal structure and density of protons.
To be published: TBD

(Symmetry Q&A videos) A series of short videos that answer commonly asked questions:
  • Why are some accelerators so large? (Edda Gschwendtner, CERN)
  • If objects are mostly made of empty space, why do they feel solid? (James Beacham, OSU)
  • What is the smallest thing that exists? (TBD)
  • What would happen if something moved faster than light? (TBD)
Media Highlights

Physicists are desperate to be wrong about the Higgs boson

(Nov 24) Wired article about what’s next after the discovery of the Higgs boson and how scientists will use the Higgs as a tool to look for new physics (written by former US LHC intern Signe Brewster.)

Chinese ’Super Collider’ gains steam

(Nov 23) Texas A&M news website about China’s announcement to build a 100 TeV supercollider. Features Texas A&M physicist Keith Ulmer, who gives a realistic perspective on this proposed Chinese project.