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U.S. LHC Communications Report

U.S. LHC Communications and Media Relations: Sarah Charley (FNAL)

December 15, 2017

Recent and Upcoming Projects/Activities


September 8: "Antartic Sun" editor visit

September 22: U.S. Mission visit to ISOLDE

October 2: U.S. Mission Public Affairs office visit to ProtoDUNE plus filming

October 9: Travel writer Sean Hillen

October 24: Fermilab Chief Strategist Alison Markovitz

December 14: Brad Keister, NSF Physics Deputy Director

Recent Content

May the Force(s) be with you!

(Youtube) Star Wars themed video about the four fundamental forces of nature. Published: Dec 15

LHC Data: how it's made

(Symmetry) In the Large Hadron Collider, protons become new particles, which become energy and light, which become data. Published: Nov 28

Happy Dark Matter Day

(CERN Update) While 31 October may mean Halloween to some, to laboratories around the world it means Dark Matter Day. Published: October 31

Meet the DUNEs

(CERN Update) Meet the two prototypes under construction at CERN for the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment. Published: October 23

LIVE: Celebrating 50 years of physics at ISOLDE

(CERN Facebook) Hosted a CERN Facebook Live at the ISOLDE facility. Published: October 20

CERN alumna turned deep-sea explorer

(Symmetry) Grace C. Young is fascinated by fundamental questions about realms both quantum and undersea. Published: October 16

Scientists observe first verified neutron-star collision

(Symmetry) For the first time, experiments have seen both light and gravitational waves released by a single celestial crash. Published: October 16

Xenon takes a turn in the LHC

(Symmetry) For the first time, the Large Hadron Collider is accelerating xenon nuclei for experiments. Published: October 12

Happy Birthday, Brookhaven Lab!

(CERN Facebook) Video birthday card for Brookhaven National Lab. Published: September 19

Upcoming Stories

ATLAS W mass measurement

(Brookhaven and Symmetry) Article about the W mass measurement recently made by the ATLAS experiment. Scheduled to come out as soon as the paper is published.
Scheduled: As soon as analysis is published

Before the Universe

(Symmetry) Article which explores different theories about the birth of our universe and the nature of time.
Scheduled: Draft ready, TBD

How to make a Higgs Boson

Article about the production mechanisms of the Higgs boson.
Scheduled: Draft ready, TBD

Welcome to the dark sector

(Symmetry) Article about dark sector particles and how scientists can look for them using the LHC.
Scheduled: Draft ready, TBD

The secret life of Higgs bosons

(Symmetry) Article about what we know about Higgs bosons and what's left to learn.
Scheduled: Draft ready, TBD

HL-LHC Computing challenges (3-part series)

We're planning a series about the computing challenges the HL LHC will face and how scientists are preparing their software, storage systems, and data analysis tools for the huge data deluge.
Scheduled: Spring 2018

Not your Standard Model (series)

We're planning to do a series that celebrates the Standard Model and the ongoing work to understand its parameters and test its predictions. This series will explore the Standard Model, what it predicts, what it can't predict, what its strengths/weaknesses are, and why 50 years later scientists are still testing its predictions and filling in the gaps.
Scheduled: Summer 2018

Level-Up: How much does a data boost and energy jump impact physics?

Article will explore the effects of upgrading and building better accelerators as a way to examine the potential impacts of the HL LHC and explore areas of physics that could be just out of reach (for instance, LEP didn't have the energy reach to see the Higgs boson, and the Tevatron had the energy reach but not enough data...I want to look at the interplay between these two variables.)

Other Projects

• Communication Training courses (December 5, 6 and 7)

• Interactive U.S. LHC institution map

• U.S. LHC Fact Sheet for U.S. LUA trips (draft ready)

• Helped coordinate U.S. Mission -- Cern networking event at Balexert (December 13)

• "Collision Course" tap game (ongoing)

• website update (ongoing)

• U.S. LUA quality of life website (on hold...waiting for U.S. LUA)

Media Highlights

Physicists Shrink Plans for Next Major Collider

(12 Nov) Scientific American article about challenges with the proposed ILC and how physicists are thinking critically about the next collider.

A very special run for the LHCb experiement

(30 Nov) article about how for the first time, the LHCb experiment has collected data simultaneously in collider and in fixed-target modes.

Nobel-Winning Physicist Worried About 100 Chocolate Coin Wager Over New Particles

(Nov 6) Gizmodo article about the wager scientists made over whether or not the LHC would find Supersymmetry.

"Holy Grail" Hadron: Scientists Are Close to Detecting the Elusive Tetraquark Particle

(Nov 9) Live Science article about the prediction and discovery of tetra quarks.

LHC reaches 2017 targets ahead of schedule

(Oct 31) article about the operation of the LHC during 2017.

The Future of Particle Physics Will Live and Die in China

(Nov 2) Foreign Policy article about how the political climate in China could hinder its bid to be the host of the next big super collider.

Dark Matter Gets Its Day

(Oct 31) Article in "The New Yorker" about Dark matter day and the next questions in physics after the Higgs boson.