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Subcontractor Travel at BNL

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Travel Request Process at BNL

Travel Requirements on ATLAS Subcontracts from BNL

  • pdf (last modified 2/23/17)


  • Conference Management Excel Spreadsheet
    *Note: Travelers should not incur any related costs for conferences until approvals for attendance have been first obtained. Funding used for the trip cannot exceed the reported estimated costs, i.e. “total DOE Expenses” (registration + travel cost) submitted on the conference projection spreadsheet.
  • DOE F 551.1 Request for Approval of Foreign Travel
    *Note: Please complete section I (new traveler only), II and III in its entirety and return the form via FAX to (631) 344-5078 with attention to Suzanne Junk. (Do not send it by email)
  • U.S. ATLAS Subcontractor Travel Request Form (last modified 3/22/16)   The FTMS no., Project no. and Activity no. will be entered by the Program Office.
    *Note: Please complete the form in its entirety, including the "BNL Contract no." to pay for the trip, and listing the city and country under “Per Diem Location” and “Lodging Location”. If any personal day(s) will be used on the trip, indicate the date(s) under “Per Diem”.
  • For FTMS request: please provide (1) trip itinerary (listing the carrier, flight numbers, date, time and port of departure and arrival for ALL legs); (2) meeting host (contact person, affiliation and phone no.); (3) lodging/after hours contact (name, address and phone no.); and (4) agenda for the meeting or the conference being attended.   *Traveler should arrange travel with the university.
  • If traveler will be giving any oral presentation: please provide "talk title, the person's name and affiliation, and abstract of the talk" in pdf format.
  • Exception Waiver Form (required when trip request is submitted late, to be signed at the Lab)
  • Note: Travelers requiring lodging in Geneva, Switzerland are required to stay at one of the hotels as approved by Regional Security Office (RSO), or CERN hostel. See the latest RSO approved hotels list here (last modified 11/19/15).
  • Traveler should not expend any related travel costs, including airline tickets, until FTMS trip request has received the approval of the BNL Fiscal Officer (i.e.“initial Lab approval”); and should not depart on foreign travel until the trip has received final DOE approval from the FTMS.
  • For subcontractor travel, traveler should seek reimbursement from the university, who will invoice BNL against the subcontract for payment.