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U.S. ATLAS Operations Program

Program Manager: Srini Rajagopalan (BNL)
Deputy: Jim Cochran (Iowa State)

Operations Program Organization


  • Milestones doc
  • Interactions between the Operations Program and Construction Project doc
  • U.S. ATLAS Operations Program Management Plan, Draft, June 2012 | Research Program Management Plan April 2007
  • Operations Program Quarterly Report for Oct - Dec 2017 (password required)
        - Glossary of ATLAS Acronyms
        - Archived Quarterly Reports
        - Archived Computing Reports
  • NSF Cooperative Agreement Proposal for U.S. ATLAS Operations 2012-2017 pdf | Terms and Conditions pdf (password required)
  • Approved RBTs   2014 | 2015 | 2016| 2017| 2018 (password required)
  • U.S. ATLAS Work Breakdown Structure pdf
  • U.S. ATLAS Detector Construction Project CD-4A Closure Report | Project Documents (password required):
        - Latest U.S. ATLAS Monthly Project Report: Oct -Dec 2007
        - Estimate to Complete link
        - U.S. ATLAS Deliverables link
        - Project Management Plan link
        - Trigger/DAQ Baseline Review link
  • Archives:
        - LHC Input to the DOE/NSF HEPAP Subpanel doc (password required)
        - Input to the 2003 Major Office of Science Initiatives (Orbach):
          LHC Upgrades Executive Summary (password required)
        - U.S. ATLAS Detector Construction Project Status link
        - Peter Jenni's Talk on "The ATLAS Experiment Getting Ready for LHC" pdf