NOTE: We are moving to a new mailing list manager!
Mailman, a GNU based list manager offers many attractive web-based features. The old mailing list manager, Listproc, will soon be disabled - so we urge you to change and begin using the new mailing lists.

The old mailing list page can be found here

Members who were subscribed to listproc will automatically be subscribed to mailman - You have to do nothing.
The names of the mailing list will also remain the same. There is ONE MINOR change in the address. E-Mail to a mailing list 'xxxx' must be sent to For example, mail sent to the list usatlas-l must now be sent to instead of

U.S. ATLAS now uses the GNU mailing list manager: mailman, supported by the IT Division at BNL.

Mailman gives each mailing list a web page, and allows users to subscribe, unsubscribe, access to archives, members etc. over the web. The available U.S. ATLAS mailing lists are given below. Click on them to find more details.

For access or subscribing to the ATLAS mailing lists at CERN, visit this site.

This page is maintained by the US ATLAS Webmaster.