U.S. ATLAS uses CREN ListProcessor mailing list management software, also supported by the IT Division at BNL.

The available U.S. ATLAS mailing lists (Listnames and Descriptions) are given below. Descriptions in red indicate that subscriptions to the corresponding mailing lists are restricted. For access or subscribing to the ATLAS mailing lists at CERN, visit this site.

To subscribe to a mailing list, send e-mail to , with the words:

subscribe < Listname > < Your full name >

in the body of the message from the machine where you wish to receive your e-mail. Read this to learn more on how to subscribe to a list.

To unsubscribe, send e-mail to,with the words:

unsubscribe < Listname >

OR contact list owner or ListProc manager ( Read this to learn more about unsubscribing from a mailing list.

To change address, unsubscribe and re-subscribe from where you wish to receive your e-mail, or contact list owner or Listproc manager (

To create a new mailing list, send e-mail to both the Mailing List manager ( and the U.S. ATLAS Webmaster. Read this to learn more on how to create a new mailing list.

To find out who is subscribed to a mailing list, send e-mail to with the words:

recipient < Listname >

in the body of the message where < Listname > is the name of the list that you are interested in. Note that you must be a subscriber to access the list of subscribees.

To send an e-mail to the entire list, click on the Listname below or send e-mail to < Listname > Note that when replying to a message sent to any U.S. ATLAS mailing list, the message will only be sent to the author of that e-mail. You must explicitly specify < Listname > if you wish your message to go to the entire list.

U.S. ATLAS General Mailing Lists:

usatlas-l This is the general U.S. ATLAS mailing list. Membership to this mailing list is open to any U.S. collaborator of ATLAS.
Click here for Member List
Click here for archives
usatlas-ec-l Executive Committee mailing list (restricted)
usatlas-ib-l U.S. ATLAS Institutional Board representatives (restricted)
usatlas-po-l Project Office mailing list (restricted)
usatlas-sm-l Sub-system managers (restricted)

U.S. ATLAS Computing Mailing Lists:

usatlas-computing-l U.S. ATLAS computing related general mailing list.
Click here for archives
usatlas-users-l Users of the U.S. ATLAS Tier 1 Computing Facility.
Messages regarding shutdowns, upgrades, ATLAS software releases or any changes that may effect you as a user of this facility will be sent out to this list.
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U.S. ATLAS Detector Systems Mailing Lists

None Exist. To create one, follow instructions given above.

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