Exchange of the Inner Warm Vessel
KHI with Toshiba, June 7, 2000

06060010.jpg (203558 bytes)

KHI Inner Warm Vessel ready to go.

06060011.jpg (219563 bytes)

Inner Warm Vessel

06070001.jpg (181371 bytes)

Arrival of the Toshiba test Inner Warm Vessel

06070008.jpg (197833 bytes)

Uncrating the Toshiba test vessel.

06070011.jpg (199209 bytes)

Lifting rig for test vessel

06070014.jpg (206582 bytes)

Lifting off of the truck

06070015.jpg (220587 bytes)

Moving test vessel to assembly area

06070017.jpg (228122 bytes)

"Real" Inner warm vessel on floor, test vessel on crane

06070019.jpg (208701 bytes)

Test Vessel

06070024.jpg (217029 bytes)

Preparing to move Inner Warm Vessel

06070025.jpg (215040 bytes)

Careful lifting of Inner Warm Vessel

06070028.jpg (205438 bytes)

Loading Inner Warm Vessel on transport

06070030.jpg (188170 bytes)

Checking the transport fixture

06070032.jpg (198310 bytes)

Placing protective crate around Inner Warm Vessel

06070047.jpg (190521 bytes)

Ready for shipment to Toshiba

06070050.jpg (178370 bytes)

KEK, Toshiba, KHI representatives

06070052.jpg (165457 bytes)

On it's way to Toshiba


Note: As of June 9, 2000 the test Inner Warm Vessel has been assembled with the Outer Warm Vessel.