Barrel Cryostat construction and testing  May-June, 2000

Outer Cold Vessel
Outer Cold Cryostat showing 'Y' support.

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Cold Vessel Half
Outer Cold Vessel half showing 'X' and 'Z' stops and 'Y' supports.

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Cold Vessel Bulkhead
Cold Vessel Bulkhead, End 'C'

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Outer Cold Vessel
Outer Cold Vessel half, showing EM Calorimeter support rail.

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EM Rail
End of Outer Cold Vessel showing EM Calorimeter support rail.

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Al/SST Transitions
Al/SST Transitions for Signal and High Voltage feedthroughs. Test weld blocks shown in background.

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Welding of Al/SST Transitions onto Outer Cold Vessel

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Outer Cold Vessel
Al/SST Transitions, including test pumpouts

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Inner Cold Vessel
Machining of Inner Cold vessel.

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Warm Vessel Assembly
Warm Vessel being assembled for leak testing.

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Warm Vessel
Setting up Warm Vessel on test stand.

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Warm Vessel Assembly
Warm Vessel assembly for testing complete.

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Warm Bulkhead
Dial indicators mounted against the Warm Vessel Bulkhead during testing.

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Warm Vessel Assembly
Pumping on Warm Vessel.

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Warm Vessel
Pumping on the Warm Vessel.

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Warm Vessel, End 'A'
Checking the Solenoid Chimney.

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Inner Warm Vessel
Leak checking the Inner Warm Vessel/Bulkhead flange in the area of ID cone area mounting plates.

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Test Equipment.

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Akira Yamamoto
Akira Yamamoto noting vacuum pressure rise.

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Warm Vessel Assembly
Transporting the Warm Vessel from the test area.

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Support fixtures for transportation of Inner Warm Vessel to Toshiba.

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Tunnel Borer
Tokyo subway tunnel boring machine, manufactured at KHI.

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CMS Magnet section.

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Himeji-jo Castle, c.1580, Himeji, Japan.