Download the SRPM of Secure VO software and the RPM of Secure VO software. The RPM depends on four perl modules: perl-Convert-ASN1 , perl-IO-Socket-SSL, perl-Net_SSLeay , and perl-perl-ldap. See the list of binary rpms. There is a presentation about this GSI-enable VO software, see the slides.

Grid computing deals with thousands of users and hundreds of computing facilities. Each user has to register himself/herself to each local computing facility. But this model is not scalable. Edg-mkgridmap helps the users from a virtual organization to be registered in many local sites which provide computing, storage resource to the VO. The sec-mkgridmap is described by the following picture.




  1. The VO servers register all of legal users who belong to the virtual organization. Each user has one/multiple roles in VO, each role will be represented as a group in the VO. Each user will belong to one/multiple groups. The site administrator can specify which groups of users can be authorized to use the local facility.The software can download the certificates of the users who belong to the specified groups. The software checks whether the user has a local account (either a NIS account or local passwd account). If so,  the user will be mapped to that account. If not, the user will be mapped to a group default account which is specified by the configuration file.
  2. By specifying difference options and combinations, the sec-mkgridmap has several extra functionalities.

mkgridmap [--help]

          [--file   <config_file>]--Specify the configuration file,

                    by default it will be $VDT_GRIDMAP_LOCATION/etc/mkgridmap.conf

          [--test]--Generate all of the debug information

          [--output <output_file>]--Redirect the standard output to

                    the file specifiedy by <output_file>. If you do

                    not provide file name after --output,         

                    /etc/grid-security/grid-mapfile will be the output file

          [--merge  <input_gridmap_file>]--If you want to include existing

                    mapping to the output, use this option. The duplicated

                    mapping (The DNs and the local accounts which the DN 

                    are mapped to are exactly same) will show once.

                    If you do not provide <input_gridmap_file> after

                    <merge>, $VDT_GRIDMAP_LOCATION/etc/mkgridmap.conf

                    will be used here.

          [--date]--If there are new mapping generated from VO server

                    and this option is turned on, the date information

                    will be in the output.