US ATLAS Software Distribution using pacman

This is the main page for information on pacman-based distribution of ATLAS software to sites throughout the US (and elsewhere, laptops etc.). pacman is a package manager developed by Saul Youssef of Boston University.

Below is a list of packages which should be implemented and supported as pacman packages. pacman supports distributed caches each of which supports a number of packages. We envision a number of pacman caches at sites around the U.S., with individuals at each site assigned to be the (implementer and) support persons for the packages supported at the site's cache. Most assignments are purely tentative, generally just a guess. Bold indicates a volunteer.

- Torre and Saul

pacman for ATLAS

From this page you can download a pacman release which gives you access to the ATLAS caches.

Proposed plan

Saul has proposed a sensible plan to move towards implementing pacman-based support for ATLAS software:

Caches and packages

Packages are divided into two types, env for high-level environment or application packages (these are typically the ones downloaded by an end user), and base for base component packages (environment packages typically depend on -- and thus drive the installation of -- several of these).
Cache site Package Maintainer Type Description
BNL-PAS Cache managers Alex Undrus, Torre Wenaus
  atlas_runtimeA.Undrusenv Sufficient to run applications
  atlas_devA.Undrusenv Full software install for development
  Geant4 base  
  perl_afsT.Wenausbase Provides access to AFS installation of perl
  MySQLA.Undrusbase Client runtime libraries, include files
BNL-ACF Cache manager Jason Smith
  VRVS base  
  OpenLDAP base  
  SSLeay base  
  Globus replica catalog base  
  Globus replica service base  
  lesstif base  
  Mesa base  
Boston U Cache manager Saul Youssef
ANL Cache manager Ed May
  gsiftp/GridFTPEd Maybase  
  ObjectivityEd Maybase  
  GDMPEd Maybase  
LBNL Cache manager Iwona Sakrejda
U Michigan Cache managers Shawn McKee, Eric Myers
Indiana Cache managers Lisa Ensman, Fred Luehring
  GRAPPA base  
  lesstif base  
  VRVS base  
UT Arlington Cache managers Kaushik De, Mark Sosebee

Contact: T. Wenaus