Agenda for US ATLAS core/grid software workshop May 6-7 2002

Meeting notes (Rob)

The workshop should be very interactive and light on formal talks,
with people (shown below) introducing a topic and guiding discussion.

Even if the format is loose we want to come out with some concrete
things, such as:
  - a further elaboration from the ANL meeting of the
    core/grid software plan for the rest of the year
  - a concrete plan to focus near term (it is now near term!)
    efforts on deployed functionality in the US testbed assembled
    into good demos for SC2000 and the reviews in the fall
  - a plan for ATLAS activity in PPDG year 2 and the integration
    of that plan with GriPhyN/iVDGL, EDG and ATLAS

===== Monday May 6:

Start at 2pm SHARP

Welcome and intro (Torre, John)
  - NB grid job opening at BNL

Status of program and action items laid out at the last meeting (DavidM) Powerpoint
- prioritization

2:30-3:30pm PPDG and GriPhyN/iVDGL 'big picture' (Ruth Pordes, Mike Wilde)
- PPDG update (Ruth - 15min talk) Powerpoint
  - news and plans for the remainder of 2002
  - PPDG quarterly report Jan-Mar 2002
- GriPhyN/iVDGL update (Mike - 15min talk) Powerpoint
  - VDL, architecture, plans and objectives for the remainder of 2002
  - Not presented at the meeting, but relevant: Policy paradigms talk from GriPhyN (Mike) PDF

3:30-3:45 Coffee

Distributed data management and virtual data (DavidA, Torre, DavidM)

Data mgmt:
- Magda status and related work in PPDG year 2 (Torre, Wensheng) Powerpoint
- New globus code (Jenny) Powerpoint
  - new Globus replica management service
  - robust file replication
- Collaborating with EDG and LCG common project
- Object-level data management (EdF, DavidA)
- event collection services (DavidM)
- ADB grid drawings, Ed Frank

Virtual data:
- more from Mike Wilde on virtual data? 
- Virtual data thoughts (DavidA) Powerpoint (New version)
- VDT work in DC1-0 and beyond (Pavel) Powerpoint
- discussion
  - transformation & other catalogs, history data
  - connecting virtual data work with CMS, others
  - ...

Virtual data email thread
Chimera paper
Virtual data background documents:

7:30pm Dinner
- Benten Japanese Restaurant
  Map and directions

===== Tuesday May 7:

US ATLAS testbed (Kaushik, Jenny)
- summary of Arlington outcomes and plans (Kaushik) Powerpoint
- Pacman issues (Saul) Powerpoint
  - installation/setup nuts and bolts
- iVDGL work plan and activities talk (Rob) Powerpoint
- testbed needs from core software effort
- core software related objectives on the testbed
- relation to EDG (Craig, Jenny)
- discussion of testbed plans

Distributed processing (Pavel, Craig)
- ATLAS distributed processing, PPDG year 2 program (Pavel, Torre)
  - role of MOP, other middleware & third party tools
  - objectives: deliverables to users
- Distributed processing in EDG (Craig) Powerpoint
- job description language: status, objectives, options (Craig, Sasha)
  - EDG JDL (Jerry) Powerpoint

11:15-11:30 Coffee

Distributed analysis (DavidA, Craig/DavidQ)
- Distributed analysis (Craig) Powerpoint
- How to participate in new PPDG activity in distributed analysis
- Grid portals
  - Grappa: brief status, and plans for remainder of 02 Powerpoint
  - Ganga: Karl Harrison will give a 15min overview Powerpoint  PDF
- Distributed analysis, DavidA Powerpoint

Planning (John)
- Summary slides (Torre) Powerpoint
- Joint ATLAS/CMS demo plans (Kaushik) Powerpoint
- PPDG year 2 program
  - coordination with GriPhyN/iVDGL and core
- Fall SC2002/review demo
  - where we should be demoing deployed functionality available to users
  - Message from John
  - demo notes
  - iVDGL milestones
- Core/grid software plan for remainder of year
- Action items and objectives for next workshop
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