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US ATLAS Core/Grid Software Workshop, May 6-7 2002, BNL
Contact: Torre Wenaus

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A US ATLAS workshop on the connections between ATLAS core software and the US ATLAS grid software program will be held May 6-7, 2002 at BNL.

The workshop will continue the work of developing a coherent, staged approach to enabling ATLAS software to utilize emerging grid services. The focus will be on monitoring and continuing to develop a concrete technical workplan for US based development activities that is consistent with the needs and priorities of ATLAS users, the development programs of ATLAS core software and grid middleware, the US ATLAS programs and deliverables in the PPDG and GriPhyN/iVDGL projects, and the EDG program (WP1 - scheduling, WP2 - data mgmt, WP6 - testbed, WP8 - HEP)

A significant fraction of the US ATLAS software development program in general is concerned with grid development in the context of the mentioned projects. It is essential that all components of the effort be directed coherently towards the needs and priorities of ATLAS and the program of US ATLAS, and hence the need for these workshops.

Anticipated attendance is people involved in core and grid software development in US ATLAS; representatives and experts from collaborating grid projects (PPDG, GriPhyN, iVDGL, EDG); and international ATLAS grid, core efforts. Anyone really interested in attending is welcome.

This is the second in a series of workshops. The first was held at ANL in February. We expect to hold a third workshop later this year at LBNL.

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Meeting notes (Rob)


Original list of suggested topics to cover:

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Location: Medical department conference room in the Medical Research Center (so help is close by if animated discussions result in personal injury). This is building 490, south of Berkner (where the cafeteria is), coordinates H7 on the BNL site map found on the maps and directions page.

Monday May 6:

14:00           Begin workshop
16:00           Coffee
18:30 or so     End for the day
19:00 or so     Dinner

Tuesday May 7:

8:30            Coffee
9:00            Begin
11:00           Coffee
12:30           Lunch
14:00           Resume
17:00 +/-1hr    End time determined by flights

It is essential that those planning to attend let us know well in advance, and preferably immediately. Attendees who are not US citizens will require a clearance that takes a month to get. If you are a foreign national, bring your passport (and visa/I94 if applicable). All attendees will have to register in advance, or they will not get past the gate (you will have to stop and collect a visitors badge at the gate; allow at least 15 minutes for this). Such are the times we live in.

Attendance by VRVS: The MOON virtual room is booked for both days.

Attendance by phone: ESNET DCS phone reservations have been made. Note the number of ports is small; let us know if you will be connecting this way, and please don't use more than one port per institute. The May 7 booking is broken into three because of low port availability at 12:00 eastern.

To dial in call 1-510-647-3480, press 1, enter ID as indicated below followed by # and follow the instructions to attend.

DCS booking        Ports   Conf#
May 6 14:00-19:00   6      4755   Booking info
May 7  8:30-12:00   6      4755   Booking info
      12:00-14:00   3      4756   Booking info
      16:00-18:30   6      4757   Booking info

If you plan to attend, either in person or via VRVS or phone, please send mail ASAP to Torre and Vanessa. Indicate your citizenship (if non-US) and your departure time on Tuesday. Please try to take a later flight; since the workshop does not begin until Monday afternoon, we do not want to end it any earlier than necessary on Tuesday afternoon.

Wireless will be available. Coffee will be available during the breaks and Tuesday morning.

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If you stay in BNL on-site housing (a dorm; nothing like ANL's on-site hotel) give the confirmation number 112099.

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